Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long time no blog.

Well this poor little neglected blog hasn't seen a post in quite some time!  I've had several projects over the last few months that I haven't found time to share but instead of playing catch up I'm taking the easy road and starting with the here and now. 

I've gone back and forth as to whether or not to continue accepting orders for blog designs.  I am after all a full time Mama and sometimes it can seem like a bit much to try to throw anything else into the mix.  That being said I also really enjoy the creative outlet that designing brings so for now I will continue to take orders.  Thanks to everyone who has supported this little outlet for me!  

This month I designed blogs for a couple of sweet girls.  First up Jacci!  Jacci is the little sister of one of my friends from high school and fellow blogger Jessica.  She is a newlywed and was looking for a little place to pursue her passion of baking.  The answer a blog!  Oh Crumb to be exact, isn't it cute!!?

Next up is Krista.  She was referred by a friend and I love the cool vibe that her blog is now putting off. Best of luck with the school year ahead Krista!

Last but not least I also want to share a logo design that I recently completed.  I'm kind of in love with the modern simplicity of it...

It belongs to a sweet entrepreneur named Mary.  She is one of Carter's favorite people.  She lives on a farm and makes fabulous wares that she is now selling, when I grow up I want to be just like her!

I'll be better about sharing things as they are completed...promise, promise!!  See you soon!!