Monday, October 26, 2009

And the winner is...

So, this is a very scientific process. I write down all of your names (including extra entries for those who "earned" them), put them in a bowl, and draw a name! Usually I document via photo, but I'm lazy today so without further ado the winner is.....

Who just added a beautiful baby boy to their already beautiful family! I am looking really forward to doing a card for them! When you get a chance (and no rush) email me and we'll get started!
I want to say thanks for all who entered and showed interest...and to spread the love and do just that I will be offering my designs, for anyone who places an order in the next 2 weeks, for $25 (as opposed to the normal $30 price). Ordering is as easy as clicking on the PayPal tab on the right and side and making your payment. For more information on ordering and to see all of the designs feel free to click on the Modern & Bright tab at the top of my page. Thank you!


  1. hi beth- i had a question- what is the best way to print out the designs? just curious how you do it when you made invites and cards in the past....
    thanks so much!
    Megs- my email-

  2. (oh- and i meant print out the design once we ordered:))

  3. I'm so EXCITED!! I never win things!! :) Woo-Hoo!!!!!! I'll start finding some new pics!! YAY!!!! I can't seem to stop the exclamation points!!!! :)