Friday, October 2, 2009

Christmas is Coming!

I hate that aisle at the supermarket. You know, the one that is always just a little too early when it comes to celebrating the next holiday? Well, at the risk of being "that aisle", I'm excited to announce a new line of Christmas Cards!
It's a fun little collection I've put together called "The 12 Designs of Christmas". Over the next 12 days I will be debuting a new design here and on my personal blog until they are all revealed! I will then hold a contest and the winner will receive the card of their choice.
In the past I have done individualized custom cards but, in the interest of simplifying the process for everyone involved, I will be doing things a bit differently this year. It will be as easy as choosing the design you like, emailing me your photo, and any family information you would like to include. I will then personalize the card and send it to you in JPEG format for you to have printed however you like (there will be printing tips for anyone who may need them). For a flat fee of $30 you will have a custom design that you can send to as many people as you like. You could even attach it to a "Merry Christmas" email if you're running short on time! Sounds easy right? Who says Christmas has to be stressful!?
So stay tuned for the next couple of weeks and let me know what you think of the new designs. I'm hoping you'll think they are Merry & Bright!

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